Frequently Asked Questions

Why does design cost so much?

All successful brands need to invest money in their business. Your brand strategy and design are the very first thing that your customers will connect with, and we need to get it right (or they won’t connect at all). I am a qualified and experienced designer with a sh*t tonne of design knowledge and savvy to offer you. Plus, I make the process super relaxed, fun and worthwhile.

I’m not after a brand package – can you design something not on the price list?

Of course! Just shoot me an email with the details of what you need designed and I’ll provide you with a quote. Email

How long will my design take?

Each project is different so at the beginning of the process I will provide you with a timeline of each stage so you will know when you can expect to hear from me

Is my deposit refundable?

No. Your 50% deposit is non-refundable. This is due to the time being allocated to the project and all of the initial work and time that has been provided already. So if you decide to cancel, the deposit covers some of this work.

How many revisions can I make during the design process?

In all packages you are provided with 3 rounds of revisions to perfect your design. If you would like further revisions these will be charged at a rate of $75/hour. However due to thorough research and planning, 3 revisions will be more than enough and you are unlikely to need more.


This is an online business and the best form of communication is via email only. Some packages may include a discovery call and a time will be arranged in advance to set this up. 

OK I’m ready, what’s next?