visual identity & branding design

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"A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service or organisation. It exists in the hearts and minds of individuals."

Designing the branding for a business is so much more than just creating a logo. It is creating a feeling, a vibe, a persona that your ideal audience feel like that they can trust and connect with. I approach branding design with a holistic approach – bringing together the vision, values and story behind your brand, defining your ideal audience, analysing your competitors and market position, incorporating design trends and principles and then synthesising it into a cohesive, complete visual package.

Each brand is custom designed to match your requirements. The design process is collaborative and I communicate with your at every stage to get your feedback before progressing.

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Why is professional branding important for the success of your brand?

Recognition & Awareness

A strong visual brand identity helps to make a business easily recognisable and memorable. It allows you to stand out from the competition and build loyalty with your target audience.

Communicate your values

Cohesive & strategic branding design visually communicates your unique values, mission and personality. This allows you to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Trust & Credibility

Well designed branding gives customers the impression your business is professional, reliable and trustworthy. This is essential in gaining their trust & loyalty.

Increase perceived value

Strong branding design conveys a sense of quality and value to your customers. This allows you to increase your prices and lead to increased profits. Your return on investment is limitless.

Facilitate your marketing

Clear and consistent visual branding guidelines allows you to easily create effective social media and other marketing campaigns that connect with your ideal client.

"Every touchpoint of a brand is a message, a medium of communication. Visuals translate these messages into emotional experiences that can transform mere interest into loyalty."

Marty Neumeier

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This is the first step into creating a memorable, magnetic and impactful brand. My branding packages combine strategy and creativity to ensure your brand is unique, authentic and aligned to your vision. 

This package includes 2 logo concepts and 2 rounds of revisions to your chosen concept. 

1:1 Priority Service: you will be 1 of only 2 brand clients I work with per month!

Brand Strategy Questionnaire & Mini Strategy Guide: Craft a solid foundation for your brand’s journey.

Mood Board: Visualise your brand’s essence and guide the creative direction of the project.

Primary Logo: Your brand identity and face of the brand

Secondary Logo: Ensures versatility and consistency across various formats and platforms with at least 1 logo variation.

Submark or icon: Forge a distinct symbol for your brand.

Colour Palette: Curated selection that embody your brand’s personality and market distinction.

Font Palette: Free or paid, I guide you to the best choice for your brand, and licensing  of them. These include fonts styled for headings, body copy & CTAs

Additional Graphics: Custom assets (e.g. patterns or icons) to enhance your brand’s narrative.

Choice of 2 x Add-ons: Tailor your package with options like note pad design, business card design, email signature, Mailerlite EDM template or 5 social media templates.

Brand Style Guidelines: So that you know how to use and apply your brand system consistently and effectively.

All the files you’ll ever need for print & web plus a guide on which file types to use and when!

An exclusive licence and unencumbered use for the life of your brand: You will own the creative rights to all brand elements to use however you need with total freedom.

  • In-depth Brand Strategy + 1 hour Strategy Call
  • Custom (or Semi Custom) Website Design
  • Print Marketing Materials
  • Canva Templates (Social Media, Course Guides, Workbooks, Presentations, Media Kits, Pitch Deck)
  • Packaging Design
  • POS and Signage
  • No physical printing is included. Quotes can be organised on request.
  • Desktop/Web licenses for premium fonts or graphics. I will provide you with the links to any premium fonts used within your package so you can download your own licences.
  • Source/raw design files

frequently asked questions

This is an excellent question. As this is a collaborative process, it’s important that we are aligned in values, communication and style. I recommend visiting my portfolio to get a feel for my design aesthetic. You can also find out more and get to see behind the scenes on my instagram account. Finally, feel free to book a discovery call so we can chat about your project needs before you make a decision.

It’s my firm belief that to be successful, your business needs more than just a logo. You need to set your fonts, colours, imagery style and additional brandmarks to be able to show up consistently across all of your brand touchpoints. For that reason, I don’t offer a logo only package.

In general, branding packages take between 2-4 weeks. This will depend on the information you provide, your responsiveness and rounds of revisions.

Of course. You can add on any additional requirements you need for your brand. We’ll discuss this at our discovery call.

  • From here you can book a discovery call so we can get to know each other and discuss all of your requirements.
  • I’ll send you a proposal and contract for you to accept and sign. You’ll then need to pay the 50% deposit to lock in the job.
  • I will send you a welcome kit which outlines everything you need to know about working with me plus our project timeline.
  • I get started on my research and exploration. I’ll provide you with 2 different mood boards to approve the direction of the project.
  • From here I’ll design your two concepts for presentation to you. We’ll then work on any revisions you have to refine it until you are perfectly happy.
  • The final step is exporting all of your logo files and creating any additional design collateral included in your package (e.g. templates, business cards).
  • Once you have paid the final invoice, all files will be released to you and we pop the champagne!