Does my website need a blog?

does my website need a blog

Remember in the early 2000s when every person and their dog had a blog? I remember having at least 5-10 blogs I would read every day (definitely not at work while I should have been working..) and I loved the connection and slow time reading these stories every morning. A simpler time, perhaps, before social media. I guess today’s blog is the podcast because almost everyone has one of them. But I have a feeling the old blog format is going to be making a comeback.

I had a quick chat with someone on instagram the other day about blogging and how it allows you to create connection in a way that the fast pace scroll of instagram doesn’t. I love social media and podcasts as much as the next millennial, but there is something special about sitting down with a cup of tea and taking time to read the words from your favourite bloggers or business owners and feeling a sense of greater connection. For me, scrolling social media is almost like a reflex and at times I find I’m not actually taking any info in or engaging with it at all. Reading a blog post seems more mindful and purposeful.

So with that all being said.. should your website have a blog? Absolutely. Aside from the fact that they’re making a comeback (you heard it here first), a blog provides you with a space to educate your audience, show your expertise, make a deeper connection with them and keep your clients up to date with the latest news. You can show off more of your brand personality with content that is purposeful and helpful to your clients – building trust and connection. This trust is an essential part of the journey from potential clients converting into paying clients. Not to mention, a blog helps immensely with SEO and allows you to drive people to your site.

WordPress is obviously the best choice as it was initially built as a blogging platform. Along with its flexibility and scalability, this is one of the reasons I choose to design in WordPress. If you are using another platform like Showit, you’ll still need to use WordPress as the blogging function for your site. If you currently have a WordPress website, it is simple to build out the blog page and start creating purposeful and slower content for your audience.