I want the process of working with me to be as easy and open as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions about my process and services. If you have any questions, please reach out and ask me directly.

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I offer a comprehensive range of services including branding design, web design and graphic design. With extensive experience in print publications and WordPress web development, I can customise my design solution for you.

Each project is different so at the beginning of the process I will provide you with a timeline of each stage so you will know when you can expect to hear from me. Roughly branding design will take approx 4 weeks, and website design 4-8 weeks.

No. Your 50% deposit is non-refundable. This is due to the time being allocated to the project and all of the initial work and time that has been provided already. So if you decide to cancel, the deposit covers some of this work.

In all packages you are provided with 2 rounds of revisions to perfect your design. If you would like further revisions these will be charged at a rate of $100/hour. However due to thorough research and planning, 3 revisions will be more than enough and you are unlikely to need more.

After you’ve had a look at my price list you can book a discovery call with me to see if you feel like you’re a good fit. I’ll send you a proposal and contract for you to sign and pay a 50% deposit. I’ll also send you a branding/website questionnaire to complete. We’ll set our project timeline and dive in!


Much more than a logo, your branding needs to encompass the essence of your brand. This includes your brand’s mission, voice, values, personality, unique value proposition and positioning. That’s a lot for just a logo to represent. A branding suite also includes secondary logos, icons, brand marks, graphics, colour palette, font palette and imagery.

Your branding allows you to connect with your target audience, stand out from your competitors, build trust and become a memorable brand. Ultimately good branding will drive more clients to your business, ensure you can charge premium rates and differentiate you as a market leader.

My Brand Launchpad package includes your brand basics: logos, sub-marks, colour palette, font palette, basic style guide, and choice of 2 assets e.g. business card design, social media Canva templates etc. For further info, head to the branding page.

The early stages of the branding process cover a deep dive into your business to discover your unique story, vision and offering. It also includes research on what your competitors are doing and how you differ from them. This is followed by visual research into colour and font applications and image style.

Web design

Think of it like this. Your website is a house that you want people (on the internet) to visit. Hosting is the land where your house sits. It refers to the service that allows you to store and display your website’s files, images, and content on a server. Your domain is the address of your house, it points people in the direction of where to find your house.

Short answer is yes. Long answer is I recommend using my hosting so that I can vouch for how good the service will be. All hosting is not created equal, and the cheapest is not always best. The speed of your website is very dependent on who your web hosting is with, which then has an effect on your SEO. Other factors to consider are their customer support for when things go wrong.

Yes. All of my websites are designed first for desktop and then optimised to look good on mobile and tablet.

Absolutely. I design websites with a page builder called Elementor which is very easy for you to edit. Additionally, I will set up templates that allow you to easily add your own blog posts or portfolio pieces. Lastly, I also supply how-to videos to walk you through the basics to edit your website. Happy days!

If your website is on my hosting plan then I can provide you with ongoing maintenance and support. If you have chosen to go with your own provider, you will be best to work with them for any support going forward. I will provide training to ensure you know how to keep your website in tip top health.