how does the design process work?


So you’ve decided on the right design package for you and you’re wondering “what’s the process from here?”. Here’s a brief overview of my design process.

step one


Once you have decided which package you would like to book in, send me an email to enquire about availability and any questions you might have. If you would like to, we can book in a 15 minute call to discuss your project.

When you’re ready to rock I will send you a Welcome pack which will include all the details of the project – the timeline, the contract for you to sign and a link to a brand discovery questionnaire. You will also receive a separate email with the invoice for your 50% deposit which must be received before design begins.

step two


I have received your brand questionnaire and begin researching and compiling a mood board to ensure I have the set the tone correctly for your brand. This will include imagery, colour palette, font styles and will guide the direction of your branding. I will research what your competitors are doing and find a way to show your point of difference through unique design that reflects your values and brand image you want to portray.

step three


Concepts! This will be the longest part of the process where I develop 3 concepts for you to choose from based on the details you have supplied and my own research. Each of these concepts will include the logo, a submark, colour palette, font palette and associated brand images or graphics.

step four


When these initial concepts are ready I will email them to you to review thoroughly and choose which concept to move forward with. If none of them are quite there, don’t panic! We’ll work together back through all of the brand research to refine a concept that you love. You will have 3 rounds of revisions included in your package which should be more than enough to perfect your branding design.

step five


Once you have approved the final concept, I will create a style guide for your brand which includes your logo, submark, colours, fonts and any graphic elements or images. The style guide, logo files and fonts will be packaged up for you to download. But first, you will receive an invoice for the remaining 50% of the project. Once this is paid, you will receive the Dropbox link with a folder containing all of your files.


You can find more information under the FAQs however if you’re ready to book in your project, just tap that big ol’ button