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Vanessa Barrington


Branding design
Website (Semi-Custom) design

the business

Vanessa Barrington is a creative coach, psychic medium, publisher, book doula and branding expert with a very different approach to business and life.

the project

Vanessa approached me to design the visual identity and website for her rebrand from The Right Remark, her marketing agency, to her personal brand, Vanessa Barrington. Vanessa was shifting her focus to coaching creatives to step into their soul purpose, facilitating retreats, and leaning into her psychic gifts. The visual branding needed to exude a bold, clean, and luxury look to appeal to her target audience while reflecting warmth, femininity, nurturing, and a spiritual connection.

The logo features a heavy, tightly kerned serif type to ensure the brand looks strong, clean, and confident. Italics for “SS” convey forward motion and evolution, symbolising the impact Vanessa’s coaching has on her clients’ business trajectories. We incorporated a softer look through imagery and colour. Natural imagery, such as oceans, sand, greenery, and flowers, provides warmth and a strong connection to nature. Softness is also captured through various textures, including flowing water and fabrics, crumpled quilts, and cozy coffee vibes. The use of purple specifically represents spirituality and Vanessa’s connection to spirit.

The website design was semi-custom, using a template as a basis and customising it to meet her requirements and brand.

vanessa barrington branding visual identity
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