What is a brand design audit?

branding design audit

A  brand design audit is a process that you may conduct when your business is going through a re-design. It involves taking a look at all of the visual elements used within your brand to ensure the brand image that you are displaying (on social media, your website, your packaging and print) is consistent throughout all channels. Its purpose is also to determine if the visuals you are using accurately convey your brand the way you want to be seen by your clients/customers. Ultimately, your visual branding re-design should lead to an increase in profits when you are strategically targeting the right customer base.


As mentioned in a previous article, your brand consists of your mission, your values, your brand voice, your unique offering and how you differ from your competitors. In conducting the audit, you will study all of the visual elements and whether they convey your brand authentically, whether they all work together and can be used across different formats. You will also look at your competition to see where you are positioned and if it can be improved.


To ensure consistency in your brand, we would look at what typography you’re using throughout your channels; the graphics, patterns and photography style used in web, social, EDMs and print; the use of branded templates for social media; elements used across your website and EDMs e.g. buttons, images, graphics and colours.


A brand audit is something that you can do in your own business however it is highly valuable to work with a qualified designer. A designer can provide objective insight into your brand as well as bringing years of experience about how to make strategic design decisions and weave all of these elements together.


If your branding is in need of an audit and refresh, get in contact. I’d love to work a little magic and weave a new visual story for your brand. Your brand should resonate with your ideal client and allow them to identify with or aspire to it. What is your current branding making them feel?