I’m heidi


Chief designer and fellow entrepreneur. I’m also a feminist, an introvert and a bit of a nerd. I’m a tv junkie, a board game enthusiast, a magazine designer and a mum to two kidlets (and two cats).

But let’s go back to the start…

I’ve always been a frustrated creative. I loved art in high school but having learnt the violin from age 3, my main focus through my school years was music. I have also always been fascinated with human behaviour and emotion so after leaving school I studied Psychology at uni which ultimately lead to a bunch of soul-sucking corporate jobs in HR and organisational psychology. Needless to say, it was not for me!

A long time flower-lover, I took a quick creative detour and studied floristry! It was a great skill to learn and I loved working with flowers, but the fleeting nature of the art (and working in retail again) lead me to pursue graphic design instead.

After graduating from design school in 2011 I went straight to the magazine publishing industry in advertising production, pre-press and design. Working for titles such as Frankie, Smith Journal and Surfing Life, I cut my teeth on design and learned from some of the best Aussie designers. I also saw a huge range of advertising brands cross my desk and while I still love magazines, I love the process of creating a brand from scratch.

My passion now is to work with women doing awesome things and to bring your business vision to life. I want you to feel the excitement and butterflies of knowing your branding is perfectly aligned with your vision (and bloody beautiful to boot).

You can find my sunny little studio on the southern end of the Gold Coast but my clients are Queensland and Australia-wide. We are all just a zoom call away.

what I do

the who

I work with female founders, entrepreneurs and boss ladies who are passionate and purpose-driven to create, to drive change, and to empower other women. These business ladies come from a variety of industries but they are all on the same mission – to make a difference (in their own life, in the lives of other women and the world). These women know their value and have a fire within them – they’re changemakers and leaders of the pack.

I am here to make a difference in your business. To help craft your branding into a visual identity that is authentically you, that connects you with ‘your people’ and is aesthetically beautiful.

the what

I design impactful and evocative branding which tell a story. Your brand encompasses so much: your story, your purpose, your values, your mission, your brand personality and voice, your unique offering and more. These foundations are the key to a well researched and designed visual brand identity. And a well-designed brand visual identity is the most powerful and important investment you can make in your business. It is the first impression you will make on your clients – it builds trust and creates an emotional connection with your audience, well before they even make contact with you. Your branding should be uniquely you, speak directly to your ideal client and ultimately drive sales. A fine and delicate balance to weave – and weave we will!

With almost a decade of experience I have developed a style is which is clean, strong, and feminine. If this sounds like your style too, let’s chat.

the why

Soon after the pandemic hit, I came to a point in my 9-5 job where I needed to re-evaluate. Disenchanted with ‘working for the man’ and lacking the flexibility, freedom and creative opportunities in my work, I decided to throw caution to the wind and take a chance on me! Heidi Glasson Creative was born with a desire to work with other entrepreneurial women who are doing awesome things in the world and in their communities. With so much shit going on in the world that is depressing, connecting and collaborating with women who are really making a difference, along with being creative every day, has been the most rewarding thing I could have wished for.

It’s my mission to use my creative skills, experience and expertise to ensure other women’s businesses are able to grow and flourish, and so that my clients are also able to enjoy the freedom, flexibility and joy of being a bad-ass entrepreneurial boss too.

(And maybe, together, we can burn the fucking patriarchy down too.)

brands I’ve worked with

my core values


“A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life” – Elizabeth Gilbert


Connecting and collaborating with like-minded women through creative design is at the core of my mission, while also working creatively to ensure they connect with their own tribe.


True connection and creativity is impossible without courage. Making a difference in the world. “It means being showing up and letting yourself be seen, despite the risk.” – Brene Brown


Not only a design principle but a life one too. We work hard to pursue our passions but equally we must find time to be still and reflect, and find joy in the life we have created for ourselves.


To live a life of your own design. Freedom to work on your own terms and to follow your passion & purpose to create magic in the world.

the fun stuff

never without

airpods + phone

favourite travel memory

pre-kids: seeing snow covered Christmas trees in Japan or having drinks in the outdoor hot tub in Canada while it snowed

post kids: family swims in the ocean at Noosa

probably listening to

Armchair Expert podcast or Taylor Swift or Dawson’s Creek while I work

drink order

champagne or a savvy b or a pinot in winter. or a pink gin and soda in summer. I don’t have a problem.. what? 😂

go-to mood lifters
  • a walk with a good podcast
  • catch up with girlfriends over a wine or three
  • a bath with candles, a trashy tv show.. and a wine
  • journalling
  • colouring in
  • practising gratitude
  • seeing my kids playing together nicely!
  • loud music and dancing it out


Got a question or want to discuss your next project? I’d love to hear from you. Please fill out this form and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy.