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VIP Design Day Intensives

Get all of your design done for you in one day

Need a design expert to help market a new product/service? Or perhaps you have a laundry list of smaller design tasks waiting for you? Book a VIP Design Day and enjoy priority service, fast turnaround, and professional design that makes your brand look dang good.

Skip the waitlist. Say goodbye to your DIY design task list and hello to efficient & effective design solutions.

Why you need a VIP design day...

As an entrepreneur, you're the CEO of everything in your biz. Sales, Marketing, Admin, Design.. Your to-do list is never ending. And there are some of those tasks which are just not your zone of genius. They take ages and you may even struggle with them or wonder if they could be better. It may be time to delegate those design tasks to a pro designer who can get them done quick and to the highest standard to accurately reflect your brand.

These are the things you can look forward to when you book a VIP Design Day.

  • Skip the long wait list to book in your project and get your designs done FAST. 
  • Enjoy priority service, working one-on-one with a professional designer. You will be my sole focus for the whole day. No other emails, calls or social media.
  • No more back and forth on endless emails and long, drawn out timelines.
  • Bask in the satisfaction of ticking off all of those tasks on your to-do list in one day so you can move your business forward.
  • Feel the comfort of knowing your brand is in an expert designer’s hands so you can get back to focusing on what you do best.

What we can achieve in a VIP design day

These might normally take weeks to book in, then weeks back and forth on email. we can smash any of these out in a day!

example one


Plus 1-2 additional web pages (e.g. thank you page, sign-in).

Perfect for business owners launching a new service or offering and need a killer sales page to smash that launch

example two

Branded marketing materials

Think workbooks, webinar slides, media kits, brochures.

Perfect for businesses who have got all their branding sorted but now need help to implement it all to create a consistent, cohesive and aligned brand experience for their clients

example three

the mega design hit list

Think social media templates, website updates, lead magnets, EDMs, infographics, marketing materials.

Perfect for someone who has been in business for a few years and needs to get on top of the laundry list of to-dos.

example four

book a multi day project

Need a small to medium website built? Book 2-4 VIP days and get it completed FAST

Perfect for businesses ready to scale with a re-brand or new website. Or those with a large scale project.

75% of consumers will judge your credibility based on your design
designer pointing to colour swatches with graphic design client

Wondering if a VIP design day is for you?

If you answer yes to any of the below, claim your time and energy back and book a VIP Design Day

  • You have a big design job (or list of smaller design jobs) that needs to be completed quickly and professionally.
  • You may be able to complete these tasks yourself, but you understand a professional designer will be able to knock them out in half the time and with a fresh perspective.
  • You have all of your ducks in a row and you’re ready to go! You have your task list, brief and all assets/content ready and you’re able to set aside time on the day to provide swift feedback.
  • You need an in-house designer in your business but don’t have the budget to employ someone full/part time. 
  • You have a clear direction and vision for your project/s but are open to trusting a design professional to bring this vision to life.

What you're getting

  • Pre-intensive briefing – basically a questionnaire to outline all your task requirements and priorities. This allows us to get clear on the goals and ensures I have everything I need for success.
  • A 30 min kick-off call to review your questionnaire and to set up expectations for the day. Feel confident knowing I have everything under control before we start.
  • 7 hours of design on the day of the intensive. This is where I crank the tunes and get my head down, bum up working on making your brand look A-mazing. You’ll need to be available via email for feedback throughout the day.
  • + 1 hour post-VIP day edits. This gives you a night’s rest to review everything and come back with any minor edits you would like to make to the designs completed.
  • 1 week of post intensive follow up and email support. I’ll be available via email for the following week if you need any further design advice, feedback or moral support (this doesn’t include further design work or revisions).
heidi standing laptop
women having business meeting

are you thinking...

Can we really get everything done in one design day?

Yes! Before your VIP Design Day, we’ll have a comprehensive briefing process and a pre-day call to map out exactly what we can achieve. This planning ensures that we prioritise the key tasks and set realistic goals for the day, so you can feel confident that the time will be used efficiently and effectively. If I think your task list requires more than one day, I’ll let you know before we book it in.

And now you might be thinking..

How can you get so much in one day? Will quality be sacrificed?

This is a really valid question. And the answer is because I’ve been working as a designer for 11 years, I have honed my skill set whereby I can create solutions really quickly. You might say it comes naturally to me! I also have a super power in connecting with my client’s vision and quickly coming up with a visual solution to the brief. So quality is not sacrificed, I’ve just gotten really quick at what I do!

Now you might be thinking…

I have Canva and know how to create designs for my business. Why shouldn’t I just do it myself?

Yes, Canva is a great tool, and it’s fantastic that you’re able to create designs yourself! However, consider how much time you spend on these tasks. Is it taking you away from other critical business activities that could drive growth? Although you can create designs, a professional designer can elevate your brand visuals to a new level, bringing a fresh perspective and expertise that can transform the way your business is perceived. Investing in a VIP Design Day means more than just getting designs done; it’s about enhancing your brand’s impact and freeing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Happy VIP day clients

“If anyone would have suggested to me that I would be able to connect with someone through email, invest a day together working on different areas of the design and marketing aspect of my small family-business and fully deliver on my expectations in a day, I would never have believed it true. Heidi has a magical art and skill for passionately understanding the depth of a business essence, working with values and design that underpin the brand and messaging. The VIP days covered our whole list of aspirations from flyers to website audit and re-design, including complimentary items. It was fun, focused and powerful.”
emma jackson vip design day client
Emma Jackson
Swift FNQ

Do you want to...

Freeing you up to do what you do best.

Leading to increased brand trust, loyalty & recognisability.

Meaning you’re that much closer to achieving your business goals.

Someone you can trust with the integrity of your brand visuals and to bring a fresh perspective. This equals peace of mind!

entrepreneur on laptop booking vip design day

There are some tasks only you can do. Delegate the design work to me, ensure your brand is looking its absolute best and get back to what YOU do best!

book your vip day with heidi glasson

Limited Availability. Get in quick to reserve your day.

Due to the intense nature of a VIP Design Day, I have a limited offering of 3 bookings per month. Get in touch to reserve your space.

Take your time back. Remove unccessary stress from your life. Level up your brand visuals so you can achieve further success.

Invest in your brand's growth for just $1,500

book your vip day today

the process

1. VIP Day application form

Complete a project enquiry form. We'll jump on a call to chat about your requirements and make sure we're a good match.

2. Select your vip day

Ensure the day you choose is one you can be available to provide feedback throughout the day. 50% deposit will be due when you book.

3. Kick off call

We’ll schedule a 30 minute call the week prior to your VIP day to ensure we are on the same page and create your design hit list. Final payment of your invoice will be due the day before your VIP Day.

4. Design day homework

3 days before you design day I’ll require you to supply a full list and brief for each task. All images, text, logos and brand guidelines will need to be supplied. We’ll connect on Skype to use the chat function throughout the design day.

5. VIP design day

Today’s the day! 7 hours dedicated purely to your design list. Please ensure you’re available to give feedback to keep the day moving forward. I’ll be in touch throughout the day to get feedback and to let you know how I’m going with your hit list.

6. Files & follow up support

Your final files will be supplied to you in a Dropbox folder. One additional hour of design time is included in the week following your VIP day for minor edits to work completed plus a week of email support.

Got a question? I have the answer

$1500 – 50% deposit due to secure your spot, the final amount is due the day before your design day.

Yes you can. If you need a 4 hour design intensive, the investment is $750. We can book this in after discussing your wish list and what we can achieve in a half day. This can be a good way to get to know each other before making a whole day booking.

Yes, I’ll need you to be available over email or chat to provide feedback throughout the day. The more responsive you are, the more we can get done.

Being a super efficient designer is one of my super powers. However depending on your feedback throughout the day and the number of revisions required, there is a possibility we won’t get to everything on your list. Getting your designs perfect is the priority and if we need to book an extra half day, that’s totally fine.

I am uniquely skilled at being able to understand your brand’s style and being able to design to a brief. Overall, my design style is clean, organised, minimalist and timeless. To achieve this I use design elements such as ample white space, classic font pairings and carefully selected colour palettes. These elements work in harmony to establish hierarchy, enhance the visual appeal, and ensure that the design is both effective and attractive.

No, copywriting is not included as part of the design day. I can recommend some copywriters for you to work with before we book in our VIP day. Reach out for recommendations.

Before we decide to work together I offer a complimentary discovery call so we can get to know each other. I work best with women who have a clear direction and vision for their project/business, but are open to trusting a design professional to bring this vision to life.

Of course! When we chat on your discovery call we’ll discuss your wish list and see what I think we can achieve in one day. If we need to book a second day, that’s fine.

I’ll need you to have your wish list ready with a brief for each item. I’ll also need any copy, images, brand guidelines and logo files. I require all of these 3 days before our design day to ensure we’re ready to hit the ground early on your design day. After you book in your day, I will send you a welcome pack outlining all of your next steps and requirements.

As a designer with over 10 years experience, I have honed a keen eye for style with a focus on design principles. I have spent years working on my craft so that I can create perfectly aligned designs in a short amount of time. Quality is not sacrificed for time. Time is sped up by the years of training, knowledge and experience.

designer working at laptop sitting on the floor at coffee table

in case we haven't met yet...

heidi standing laptop
Hey! I'm Heidi

And I will be your very own designer for a day. Throughout my 10+ years of experience as a designer, I’ve worked as an in-house designer in a range of businesses as well as in my own design studio. I’m a highly adaptable designer while being a stickler for strong design principles, clean & simple design that focuses on the user experience and looks damn good too.

I can help your business step up to the next level with strategic, consistent and cohesive design throughout all of your brand touchpoints. This is going to lead to increased brand trust and loyalty, help you to stand out in the market and ultimately increased revenue.

I love working with passionate, purpose-driven women and I’m excited to jump into your biz for a day to level up your brand visuals.