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Branding & website design
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the business

Based in Brisbane, Held Clinical Psychology offers holistic Counselling and Clinical Psychology services for women and mothers in any season. Grounded care that weaves together art + science, is heart centred + evidence based and holds space for vulnerability + empowerment at the same time. Therapy with a special reverence around it, and support that is anchored in the belief that when women and mothers are well, families and communities thrive.

the project

The strategy for Casie’s branding was to capture the values of the brand: connection, compassion and curiosity so that Casie’s clients feel supported and held, grounded and cared for. Everyone wants to hold the baby, Held Clinical Psychology holds the mother.

We achieved this through a palette of natural tones, brown and green with a peachy colour for a feminine vibe. The meaning of ‘held’ was depicted through a fine line illustration of a hand and a carnation flower being a symbol of the mother. The font selection was simple and elegant to appeal to a female audience and to add softness to the overall look.

Casie also required a simple 4 page website to provide information to her patients and a place for them to join her wait list. The website incorporates many images of women and mothers to allow the viewer to identify with them. The navigation is clean, simple and calming allowing the viewer to easily gain the information they need to book in with Casie

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