Designing a lead magnet that converts

designing lead magnets
What is a lead magnet you ask? Great question!
A lead magnet is a marketing tool that generates leads by offering a free valuable resource in exchange for a potential client’s email address. An example of a lead magnet may be an ebook, a workbook, templates or similar downloadable assets. They’re a great way to build your email list and warm up your customer base.
But how do you create a lead magnet that actually makes people want to hand over their email address?

Here are my top tips:

Solve a very specific problem for your ideal client.

Brainstorm a list of problems that your ideal client has and then come up with a solution you could provide them for that problem. For example, perhaps your ideal client struggles with anxiety? You could provide a solution for them by creating a set of mindfulness exercises or record a meditation they can download. As well as providing them with value, this also demonstrates how you will be able to solve their other (and potentially bigger) problems.

Make it super pretty!

We’re all attracted to pretty things right? Well it’s super important that your lead magnet looks appealing to your ideal client. Use images that represent the clients you want to attract and make it looks as schmick as you possibly can. A lead magnet that is professionally designed is important to build trust.

Mock it up so it looks valuable.

Once you have created your lead magnet you need to start promoting it. The way you’re going to sell it is by making it look valuable. A mock up image will help to make it look tactile and desirable. I suggest you go all out and show the cover & inside pages if it is an ebook or workbook. Check out Canva’s Smart Mockups to help you create a 3D image, rather than just flat jpgs.
I’ve created a FREE Canva template for you to use to promote your lead magnet. Simply drop in jpgs of the content into the mockup provided to make it look super valuable