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diy website success kit r

The DIY Website Success Kit

Say goodbye to stress and hello to success with my DIY Website Success Kit!

Getting online has never been easier or more affordable with a beautifully designed website template that’s primed for sales!  Did I mention you get expert support at your fingertips? 

This offer has now closed.

You've heard of the Woolworths cake hack, right?

It's 5pm. You need to knock together a kids birthday cake so you buy two perfectly tasty mudcakes, wack 'em together, ice them and then decorate them so they look just as good as the french patisserie down the road!

Never been there?  Well I sure have. 

It’s the ultimate hack for busy mums who don’t have the time, energy or inclination to bake a cake from scratch but want something that tastes and looks great!

My DIY Website Success Kit is your online equivalent! 

The DIY Website Success Kit is EVERYTHING you need to build a beautiful website online – primed for sales – but without the sweat!

Save your sanity and focus on the fun part – making it look pretty! 

diy cake hack

The DIY Website Success Kit is valued at almost $10,000!

(but it's yours today for a fraction - LESS THAN ONE TENTH of this!)

diy website success kit

What you get

Your choice of three beautifully designed, mobile responsive website template styles.

sadie website template

Sadie 8 page Brochure Template

trixie website template

Trixie 8 page Brochure Template

maisie e commerce website template

Maisie 4 page E-Comm Template

And the best part? My templates are PRIMED for conversions and TOTALLY customisable

Pretty it up and play with it creatively - add your own colours, branding, images and pick the pages you need (no tech wizardry required!)

Plus these added extras...

coming soon page template

A coming soon page

You’re building in the background but that doesn’t mean you can’t start collecting leads!  Install this beauty and let your customers know you’re got a brand new website coming any day now (‘cos that’s how easy it is to use these templates!)

404 error template

a 404 error page

This is the page that displays when a visitor follows a dead link on your site. And believe it or not, it’s a perfect opportunity to put your brand personality on show. Use this template and add your own brand voice and imagery to really make it yours.

social links template

A branded links page

Say goodbye to Linktree and hello to a stunning can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter customised landing page that’ll corral those customers right where it matters!

P.S. I know that you know your business needs a website.

I also know it may not be something you're the most excited about creating. But if you're seeking a Plug & Play template that's gorgeous, primed for sales and doesn't FEEL like a Plug & Play template? This. Is. It.

Getting started with your DIY Website Success Kit is as simple as throwing lollies on a Woolies cake!

Get yours today!

woman building website working at laptop cropped

are you thinking...

“This looks great, but I’m not sure I’ve got the time or tech know-how to do this…”

That’s actually a good thing, because it means you really CARE about having a website that’s fabulous AND functional. 

And I care too. That’s why I offer 1 week of tech support – totally FREE! 

But maybe you’re wondering…

“Won’t my website end up looking cookie cutter, like everyone elses?”

Fear not, my cake-loving friend. 

I’ve designed these custom templates so you can easily drag, drop, add and remove elements so your website is functional, fabulous and freaking EASY to build. 

PLUS with a couple of clicks of a button, you can easily customise it and add your own colours, fonts, imagery and more! 

Now you might be thinking…

Why don’t I just build my own website? 

Is website building REALLY your zone of genius? And even though you’re clever enough to, or COULD do it – why waste time trying to figure it all out?  

You’ll likely end up with something that (no offence) makes your eyes bleed, or doesn’t quite work properly on mobile – lose your mind and end up paying a pro to fix up all your hard work and heartache!


And in case you needed ANY MORE convincing on just how important your website is… (but I know you’re smart and totally don’t)… 

  • 75% of people will judge your business based on your website. 


  • A well-designed website may boost your conversions (ie. MONEY HONEY!) by up to 200-400%!


  • 38% of people will leave a website IF the content or layout is gross-looking (so you definitely want something pretty!)
woman sitting floor building website on laptop

And in case you're wondering why I love WordPress (cos I'm nerdy like that)...

  • WordPress is the ONLY platform that’s designed with SEO front of mind (ie. how much Google loves your website)


  • WordPress accounts for 40% off all websites built on the inter-webs. 


  • WordPress can grow while your business does! Decide down the track to add a shop function to your website? No problem-o! Want to build a savvy sales funnel? Or create a quiz? Easy peasy! I don’t like to boast, but WordPress (and I!) really can do it all! 
vanessa barrington creative coach book doula

"FINALLY! A stunning website template I can use! These templates are so beautiful and so damn easy to use. Thank you for making this process so easy. I really am over the moon.

I’ve fallen in love so hard with these templates I’m now recommending them to all my clients in my Book Doula Program.  Sales are through the roof, I love my new website and I’m a happy camper all round! Thanks so much Heidi! You really are the web wizard and have made all my design dreams come true!”

– Vanessa Barrington

Can you imagine what a great website could mean for your business

(not to mention your bank account!)???

And contrary to popular belief, a new website can look pretty, be functional and DOESN’T have to cost the earth.

maisie e commerce website template

The DIY Website Success Kit is CRAZY VALUE.

Just look at the alternatives:

agency custom website


Cost of a badly built website sourced off Fiverr?

(Anywhere from $5 – $5000 + your hourly rate x HOURS spent trying to translate, negotiate and navigate every. single. step + missed sales and lost revenue in the process) = pain, pain and more pain (and a medicore half finished product)

DIY from scratch

Your hourly rate x however many hours it takes to try and build something, plus headaches, stress and then whatever you end up paying a pro to fix what you make after giving up!  (~ $5000)

Cost Comparison

All websites require a tech set-up - web hosting, content management system and design software.

Below we’ll compare the tech set-up cost requirements for our templates using WordPress VS other template providers.


$ 620* Ongoing Yearly Tech Costs
  • Showit CMS Platform
  • Showit Drag & Drop Builder
  • Showit Hosting
Don't pay this


$ 366* Ongoing Yearly Tech Costs
  • Wordpress CMS Platform - $0
  • Elementor Drag & Drop Builder - $150
  • Your Choice of Hosting - Siteground - $211

Whichever way you look at it, the DIY Website Success Kit is the BEST DEAL on the market! Valued at $9,959 I might be crazy, but I'm offering you this amazing deal with a very special introductory price (50% OFF)

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*Valid for 30 days from purchase.

and that's not all...

Sign up today and enjoy these bonuses before they expire!

how to video library r

How to Video Library

Step-by-step video instructions to install, modify and customise your new website
(valued at $790)

brand clarity workbook r

Brand Clarity Guide

Get clear on exactly how to position your brand so you can apply these foundations to your website design and copy! 
(valued at $249)

template style guide r

Template Style Kit

My exclusive guide to help you select new (or refreshed) colours and typography to ensure your brand and website looks slick!
(valued at $249)

website content prompts worknook r

Website Content Prompts Workbook

Dreading writing your content? I got you!  This content prompt workbook makes planning your website words a BREEZE.  Best part? Your wording will fit the website template perfectly!
(valued at $249)

lead magnet workbook r

Lead Magnet Workbook Swipe File

Build your email list by creating your own workbook to give away! Use this template and customise it for your brand to offer as a free download and reel ‘em in!
(valued at $250)

launch graphics

Social Media Launch Graphics

A swipe file of stunning social media Canva templates you can use to promote your wonderous new website! Woo hoo!
(valued at $129)

Bonuses are only available for purchases made before 11.59pm  10 May.


diy website success kit r

Yes, I want a jaw-droppingly beautiful new website (without the headaches, tears or tech fails!)

Heidi has over 10 years of experience and has worked with and helped design websites and many beautiful things for a swag of cool brands including:

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