Maximise the Potential of Your Brand Photoshoot

brand photoshoot
Investing in a brand photoshoot presents a golden opportunity to capture the essence of your business, create a compelling visual narrative, and elevate your brand’s image. It can be a be a big investment in your brand so to get the most out of it, careful planning and prep are essential. I’ve recently just invested in a brand photoshoot with the amazing Eyes of Love Photography and I’m so happy with the results. Michelle was a true professional and made me feel so comfortable and confident. I provided her with a Pinterest board before the shoot so she could direct each composition and leave me to just relax and be directed. As this was my first photoshoot experience, I thought it’d be helpful to share my top tips for a successful brand shoot!

Prepare a Mood Board:

Before your brand photoshoot, it’s crucial to gather visual inspo and establish a clear direction for your shoot. Create a mood board in Pinterest collecting images which show the style that you’re after (e.g. poses, props, colour palette, location). Sharing this mood board with your photographer will ensure a mutual understanding of the desired aesthetic and help guide the creative process on the day.

Choose the Perfect Location:

The choice of location can significantly impact the mood and narrative of your brand photos. Consider whether an indoor or outdoor setting aligns better with your brand personality. Look for locations that complement your brand aesthetic, values, and target audience. Your photographer can help direct you to locations which will be suitable for their photography style.

Select the Right Photographer:

Choosing the right photographer is crucial to achieving the desired outcome for your brand photoshoot. Research photographers who specialise in branding photography and review their portfolios to assess their style, versatility, and ability to capture the essence of a brand. I found my photographer on recommendation from a fellow designer so I knew she was going to be awesome.

Consider Booking a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist:

A professional makeup artist is an expert at getting makeup right so that it looks good on camera. As well as saving you time and stress on the day, hiring a professional will ensure you look your absolute best on the shoot day and allow you to feel confident and beautiful.

Incorporate Props that Reflect Your Brand:

Props can add depth and personality to your brand photos, enhancing the storytelling aspect of the shoot. Carefully select props that reflect your brand’s values, products, or services. For instance, a fitness brand might incorporate workout equipment or healthy snacks, while a beauty brand could include cosmetics and skincare products. Props should seamlessly integrate into the composition and contribute to the overall visual narrative, so choose wisely and avoid cluttering the scene.

Be Prepared and Communicate Clearly:

Effective communication and thorough preparation are essential for a successful brand photoshoot. Clearly communicate your brand’s story, values, and desired outcomes to your photographer. You might like to provide a detailed shot list, specifying the types of images you need, such as product shots, lifestyle shots, or team portraits. Discuss any specific poses or visual elements you want to capture. Additionally, ensure you have all necessary outfits, products, or materials ready in advance, allowing the shoot to flow smoothly.

Additional Tips:

  • Schedule a pre-shoot meeting with your photographer to discuss logistics, timeline, and any specific requirements.
  • Consider hiring professional models or use your own team members to add authenticity and relatability to your images. If you’re a freelancer, rope a friend in to stand-in as a ‘client’.
  • Plan for multiple outfit changes to capture different facets of your brand and to give you plenty of variety in your shots for various uses.
  • Incorporate your brand’s colour palette or signature elements into the photoshoot to reinforce brand recognition.
  • Have fun and allow for creative experimentation during the shoot to capture spontaneous and unique moments.
Finally, have fun. The more relaxed you can be, the better the outcome.