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the business

Plastic Free Me is a new business offering plastic-free products for home and life. Their goal is to provide information, community and products which allow environmentally-conscious folks to make small, positive changes for the planet in a non-judgmental space.

the project

Our goal was to create a bold, clean and simple logo which would work well across various applications. The branding was designed to reflect the natural tones of our coastal environment, a bold typeface to show the strong impact small changes can make, paired with a script font to personalise this and make us feel like we can contribute to that impact. The wavy lines used throughout the branding symbolise the curves in nature but also the ripple effect we make in the world when millions of people make a small change. 

Steering away from the traditional greens and browns often found in environmentally friendly products, the colour palette offers various shades of yellow. This reflects the optimism, positivity and warmth of the brand, combined with sea greens and blue to reflect the coastal landscape. I designed a variety of brand marks and graphics to reflect the brand when the logo wasn’t used.

The website is bold, clean and simple and reflects the warmth and community of the space Meredith is creating for people to feel supported to make positive change. We included a blog to easily provide informative resources, a newsletter sign-up form and pop-up to allow the audience to join the email community and of course, the shop.

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