Coaching Call

Looking for a personalised 1:1 design, development, or marketing masterclass? Dive into a one-hour call where we can explore the specific areas you need assistance with in a one-on-one setting. Tap into my 10 years of design experience and training, all completely customised to address your unique requirements. This session is your opportunity to pick my brain and receive tailored guidance like never before.


Here are the areas I can assist:

  • Elementor Template Expertise: Let me walk you through any stumbling blocks you have installing and customising Elementor templates to make your website shine.
  • WordPress Website Support: Whether you’re using Elementor or Divi, I’ll guide you through any website hurdles, design principles or Wordpress backend
  • Branding, Web Design, and Marketing: Need a creative sounding board? I’m here to discuss all things branding, web design, and marketing to help clarify and give direction.
  • Mastering Mailchimp: Harness the power of Mailchimp with my help in automations and template creation.
  • Canva and Adobe Magic: Discover tips and tricks to make your design work in Canva or Adobe InDesign.

What you’ll receive

  • 1 hour virtual coaching/training session via Google Meet
  • A recording of the meeting to refer back to
  • Check-in 2 weeks post meeting via email where you can ask any follow up questions


After checkout you’ll receive an email with a link to my calendar to book your training session at a time that suits you.



Are you ready to elevate your online presence, enhance your branding, and supercharge your digital marketing efforts? If the answer is a resounding “Yes”, an exclusive one-hour coaching call could be the best option for you. This is your opportunity to gain unparalleled insights and guidance from a designer with 10+ years experience that will set your business on a trajectory toward success.

Tailored Expertise for Your Unique Needs:

Imagine having a trusted expert by your side to navigate the intricate world of web design, branding, and digital marketing. With our one-on-one coaching call, you’ll have direct access to a professional with a wealth of knowledge in various areas, ensuring that your specific needs and challenges are addressed comprehensively. Here’s what you can expect to gain from this transformative experience:

  1. Elementor Template Expertise: Unlock the full potential of Elementor with personalised guidance. Whether you’re encountering stumbling blocks during installation or customisation, I will walk you through the process, helping you to make your website truly shine.
  2. WordPress Website Support: No matter if you’re using Elementor or Divi, I will be your guiding light through any website hurdles. From design principles to mastering the WordPress backend, you’ll gain the skills and confidence needed to take control of your digital presence.
  3. Branding, Web Design, and Marketing: As a creative sounding board, I will help you clarify your branding, refine your web design, and devise effective marketing strategies. You’ll receive invaluable insights to ensure that your business’s visual identity and online presence are aligned with your goals.
  4. Mastering Mailchimp: Harness the power of email marketing with ease. I will provide guidance on automations and template creation within Mailchimp, empowering you to engage your audience effectively and drive results.
  5. Canva and Adobe Magic: Whether you’re working with Canva or Adobe InDesign, you’ll discover tips and tricks that will take your design work to the next level. From creating stunning graphics to crafting eye-catching visuals, you’ll become a design virtuoso in no time.


What You’ll Receive:

  • A one-hour virtual coaching/training session conducted via Google Meet, offering personalised attention and real-time solutions to your challenges.
  • A recording of the meeting, allowing you to revisit the insights and instructions provided during the session at your convenience.
  • A check-in email two weeks post-meeting, giving you the opportunity to ask any follow-up questions or seek additional guidance as you apply what you’ve learned.


The Benefits of Investing in Your Business:

By investing in this coaching call, you’re making a strategic move towards achieving your business goals. Here’s how it will pay off:

  1. Clarity: Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty. I will demystify complex concepts, providing you with the clarity you need to make informed decisions and execute effective strategies.
  2. Tailored Professional Training: This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Our coaching call is tailored to your specific needs and challenges, ensuring that you receive training and guidance that directly benefit your business.
  3. Expertise: With a seasoned professional at your side, you’ll tap into a wealth of expertise and best practices honed over a decade. This knowledge will empower you to make informed choices and avoid common pitfalls.
  4. Growth: Your investment in this coaching call is an investment in your business’s growth. As you implement the strategies and insights gained, you’ll see your online presence flourish, engagement increase, and brand reputation soar.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to transform your business and propel it to new heights. Book your one-hour coaching call today and unlock the potential that lies within your brand, website, and marketing efforts. Your journey to success begins here.


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