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Elevate your online presence with Website Audit Review!

Stop wasting time & money with a website that doesn’t WOW your visitors. Let Heidi, your dedicated Website Review Fairy, work her magic. Receive a detailed and insightful report and a personalised video outlining your website’s strengths, improvement opportunities, priority changes, and a clear roadmap for enhanced user experience, increased trust, and boosted sales.

This is an opportunity to maximise your website’s potential and make your most important marketing tool really work for your business


Note: After purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a note to purchaser. It contains a link to complete a short questionnaire about your business. This will allow me to gather information about your website goals so I can assess how it’s performing.



Are you tired of pouring time and money into a website that is underperforming? It’s time to unlock the power of your digital presence, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

As your dedicated Website Review Fairy, I come armed with the expertise to unravel the secrets behind captivating designs and exceptional user experiences. My comprehensive Website Audit Review is designed to bring you unparalleled clarity, a game-changing strategy, and remarkable results.


What’s Included

Highlighting Strengths: I will identify and accentuate the elements of your current website that are building trust among your audience. Discover the aspects that are already resonating with visitors and leverage them to your advantage.

Amplifying Potential: Uncover the potential for enhanced sales by pinpointing areas for improvement. I will provide you with insights into optimising your website to drive conversions and increase your bottom line.

Strategic Recommendations: Receive a tailored roadmap outlining the changes and additions that should take precedence for the most significant returns on investment. I will guide you through strategic decisions to ensure you’re making efficient use of your resources.

Crystal-Clear Roadmap: Never feel lost again. Your Website Audit includes a detailed plan on how to move forward. No ambiguity, no confusion – just a precise roadmap that leads you towards a more impactful online presence.

Instant Error Rectification: Identify and eradicate critical mistakes that might be draining your finances. I will uncover these pitfalls so you can swiftly eliminate them, halting any unnecessary financial leakage.


What You’ll Receive

You’ll receive a meticulously crafted report that encapsulates my expert analysis, complete with actionable recommendations. But that’s not all – to ensure you’re completely onboard, I will personally guide you through the findings in a video walkthrough.

No more waiting around. The insights you need, delivered straight to your inbox, ready to be put into action.


Why you need it

Optimise performance – a website audit helps identify any technical, design, or content-related issues that might be affecting the performance of the website. It could uncover broken links, slow-loading pages, layout issues and more.

Maximise your conversions – find out if there are elements to your website design and UX which are stopping your clients/customers from purchasing/booking in.

Enhance you SEO – are you showing up in Google search results? There are a number of basic fixes which can improve your SEO which I’ll be able to identify




On purchasing this template you will need to complete a short questionnaire to tell me about your business – your ideal clients, your website goals, your current challenges.



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