Top 7 business tools

business tools

As a small business owner, it can take time to find the business tools to help you in your business that suit your needs and budget. I’ve compiled a list of my preferred tools I use within my small creative business, from designing to invoicing and project planning.

Rounded | Invoicing

I looked at various options like Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB, but discovered Rounded in a Freelancer FB group I’m in. I found it so easy to use, great options for styling your invoices and a super helpful expense and income reporting function. I’d recommend Rounded if you’re a sole trader in a service business.

Trello | Project Management, Content Planning, Lists

I use Trello to manage client branding and website projects. It’s the perfect tool to map out each stage of a project, add deadlines for each stage, gather content and keep everyone on track and accountable. I also use Trello to plan all of my marketing content for EDMs, blog content and social media. Brainstorming my content and organising it onto various boards to ensure I’m covering all subject bases e.g. education, community, personal posts etc

MailChimp | Email Marketing

There are heaps of email marketing choices out there at various price points depending on your requirements and number of subscribers. Mailchimp has been pretty simple to learn and you can start with a free version. However if you want to set up more complex automation sequences you will need to go with the Standard package.

Dropbox | Cloud Storage

Dropbox is my preferred cloud storage. I find it easier to use than Google for some reason. I used to work just off my desktop but I like to know all of my work is backed up on the cloud.. in case, you know, I drop my laptop in a puddle!

Evernote | Notes, Lists, Planning

I use Evernote simply to store any notes/ideas, to save email scripts which streamline business processes and brainstorm ideas.

Adobe CC | Branding, Magazine Design, Graphic Design

This one might only be relevant if you’re in a creative field but Adobe is definitely my preferred design program. If you’re after a more simplified Canva-like Adobe option, check out Adobe CC Express.

Canva | Design templates for clients, Social Media Design

I have a Canva subscription to create design templates for clients, but also for some of my own social media content (particularly videos and reels as they’re so easy to create there).

Just remember you don’t have to have every program to start your business. You can start on the free versions of each program or even keep things simple (like using Excel to plan out your projects or plan your content) until you begin to scale your business.