Why deadlines are important

why deadlines are important

I’ve always been a fan of planning. Lists, diaries, calendars.. mapping out when things are going to happen, ensuring I’m never late. This probably stems from a need to feel in control at all times! But in small business, deadlines are extremely necessary to ensure you keep the show running smoothly and minimise stress.

As my business grows, project planning has become more and more important. Being able to plan out a project from start to finish, allocating sufficient time to that project and booking other projects around it to keep a smooth-running pipeline of work can be a juggle. That is why I love a deadline (or multiple stage deadlines). And as a creative, I also work best when I have one to work towards.

Below are my top 5 reasons why deadlines are important in my creative small biz.

I love deadlines because they:

  • Keep the project on track to ensure completion by the agreed final deadline.
  • Keep each party accountable and build trust. If I didn’t stick to my deadlines, that wouldn’t make you feel very confident in hiring me again! Meeting deadlines allows mutual trust to develop between designer and client.
  • Communicate the value of time. While everyone is busy with multiple projects, if deadlines are missed they have a knock-on effect on other projects and capability to attend to other scheduled work. Meeting deadlines ensures all other project deadlines can also stay on track.
  • Set expectations. They allow each party to know what to expect, and when to expect it. They keep everyone on the same page and ensure communication between everyone.
  • Make workflow smoother and promotes feelings of accomplishment. Who doesn’t love ticking off a task, or completing a big project and popping the bubbly?

I’d love to know, what are your favourite tools for project planning and ensuring your projects stay on track?